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PartyPoker in the New Year

December 16, 2005

After all, if you have the best Partypoker hand and come out betting, your opponent won't always know whether you're bluffing or not. If there's a lot of money in the partypoker pot, he'll probably call. That's the less costly error. After all, if he were to throw the winning hand away and relinquish a big pot, that's a much more costly faux pas than calling one additional bet. Bluffing and the threat of bluffing go hand in hand at PartyPoker.

"Pokerparty" mused Holden, better known in literary circles as Prince Charles' biographer, "was not a form of gambling; on the contrary, gambling was a style of playing poker at partypoker - a loose and losing style, at that." Success at hold'em demands patience, close attention paid to position, and an understanding that in spite of the bad-beat stories you'll hear, the best hands are run down less often than the best seven-card stud hands.

If you simply play better starting cards than your opponents in low limit games, you will be a favorite - but not right off the mark. Since it will take you some time to get familiar with partypoker cardroom play, you ought to give serious consideration to starting out in very low limit games. You'll probably be paying for lessons the first five to ten times you play in a public cardroom, and there is no reason to pay through the nose for them at partypoker com.

PartyPoker's Gift to Us

I'll just see your twenty," then reaches back into his stack for more chips, and with a long, lingering glance for effect, drawls "...and raise you forty!" Calling a bet, then reaching back for more Partypoker chips is called a string raise, and is not permitted. Rest assured someone will shout "String raise!" The dealer then informs the hopeful raiser that a string raise just occurred, and he'll have to take back his raise and just call.

Suppose that you are first to act and raise before the flop with A-K. Two Partypoker opponents call. You bet the flop and the turn. Now, the board shows A-Q-4-7-9 of mixed suits. All of the cards are out, no one has folded, and it's your turn to act. Should you bet or check? You'll beat any pair, but will lose to any two pair. Unless one of your callers held a pair of nines and made a set on the river, you probably can dismiss the notion that there is a set out against you.

Some poker pundits have suggested that the turn plays itself. While you can't play the turn on autopilot, you shouldn't get yourself into too much trouble unless you've already made the mistake of seeing the turn when you shouldn't have. If that's the case, you're probably throwing good money after bad. If you flop a draw, stick with it as long as the pot promises a greater payoff than the partypoker odds against making your hand.

The only other limited connectors are - yes, you guessed it - Q-J and 4-3. These two holdings each can make three straights. The Q-J needs A-K-10, K-10-9, or 10-9-8. It can't make that fourth straight because there is no room above an ace. The 4-3 is similarly constrained because there is no room below the ace. But any other partypoker connectors can make straights four ways, and that's a big advantage over one-, two-, or three- gapped cards.

I didn't need to gamble at Pokerparty in order to win, even if my gamble had a slightly positive expectation. I would be taking more than my fair share of blinds and would make better decisions after the flop than my opponents. Every hand I played against these opponents was positive expectation for me. I didn't need to take a calculated risk when I had so many other positive opportunities awaiting me. Of course, my calculated risk turned into a disaster.




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