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September 02, 2005

Women's Night at the WPT

The final Partypoker hand today is one we haven't discussed before. My pot-limit Partypoker friends call a hand like this (suited ace plus some middle card straight potential) a typical limit Omaha hand- and I agree. With a hand like this, you can almost always see the flop in limit Omaha, even from early position. Because you can expect multiway action anyway, you will get enough decent flops to make calling correct, and often the bare ace-high flush draw will be enough to take your hand to the river.

Whenever the raise comes from a maniac in late or middle position and you are sitting somewhere to his immediate left, and if the players behind you respect your play and are capable of folding even reasonably good Partypoker hands, then an isolation-reraise might be your best option. By doing this, you try to play your relatively small pair heads up, in position against a random hand.

In part II of this series, I discussed the merits of this pokerparty hand in pot-limit Omaha. In pot-limit, I am willing to invest a substantial portion of my stack with this hand if the conditions are right. In limit, I often don't even call the initial bet with it. That is: even if there's a possible straight or flush on the board, you will usually get the right odds to go all the way to the river, and you might even semi-bluff your opponents out of the pot, by making them lay down a small straight or a weak flush.

Also, you've got to be a hell of a guy, a real strong Partypoker character, to pull off a big bluff on the river. It can be tough for you when you try to bet your opponent off his great-but-non-nut hand, and he starts staring you down for a long time, trying to figure out if you are strong or are in fact only representing strength. Take care, guys, and good luck.

  • Lily Elviro
  • Jennifer Tilly
  • Isabelle Mercier
  • London Gallagher
  • Marsha Waggoner
  • Cecelia Mortensen

You are in good position to build a big Partypoker pot, and raising here will not mark you with aces by any means- if you are a good PLO player, you will raise in LP with a wide range of hands. If you are playing a small stack, you can limp to try to reraise a raiser, or, if you have more Partypoker chips in front of you, you might come in for a small raise. However, make sure you are not giving away your hand by doing this, and that you also raise with other type of hands in EP.

On the button, you might want to call in an unraised pokerparty pot, especially in a Partypoker game with some relatively new and / or extremely loose players, who might pay off generously in case you flop a jack. Against tougher opposition, there's nothing to think about- you have an easy fold.

You will hit a lot of excellent flops with these type of hands: straight + redraws, a big wrap, pair + wrap, two pair + open-ender, all possibly with a flush draw to go with it, creating the possibility of a HUGE draw. Still, it's important to emphasize that if you only flop a flush draw, with no other outs, then your hand should be mucked.

You might occasionally play it from early position (in the somewhat tougher games, for deception mostly, or in the looser Partypoker games, for its multiway value), and you might even raise with it from late position, once in a while. Always keep in mind what you hold, though; suited or not, a ten-nine is still a ten-nine and you will need a lot of help from the board to turn your hand into a money-maker.



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