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Partypoker com Veterans Win Big

January 12, 2006

Prior to the main event, Howard enjoyed some success when he finished seventh in both the $1,500 Partypoker Hold'em and $1,000 Omaha tournaments. Later that year he began teaching partypoker to his sister, Annie. Apparently the future Ms. Duke was a good student - she currently has won more money ($775,000) at the WSOP than any other woman has.

The state Liquor Control Commission allows bars to host euchre tournaments, the only card game allowed, Perkins said. The LCC has denied past requests for nonmonetary tournaments involving casino games, such as blackjack. Jay Grzegorczyk, a 50-year partypoker veteran, doesn't see playing partypoker as gambling, but instead a social game.

"If 10 guys want to get together and have a partypoker .com game, that's up to them," he said. "There's a lot worse things going on than that." The Beaver Township resident plays with friends and in tournaments for "bragging rights" and fun, rather than financial gain. "We used to have partypoker games all the time," he said. "At any bar or any party you'd go to, you'd have a partypoker game."

As far as violations, Subastian is not sure if more are occurring with hold 'em's increased popularity, but she has received more questions about the game's legality. "We have received a lot of phone inquires and requests in writing to hold those type of events," she said. Card sharks driven away from bars but who still need a 52-card fix have a few options.

While participating in impromptu partypoker games is a misdemeanor, small-time games operate out of view of local law enforcement. "The chances of a basement partypoker game being raided or broken up are very slim," Rupp said. "A nickel-dime partypoker game probably doesn't appear on manylaw-enforcement agencies' radar screen."




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