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January 18, 2006

At first, Phan's family didn't approve of his partypoker career, but as with many of today's fans of the partypoker explosion, they have come to accept the legitimacy of the game and his chosen profession. "It's so huge now. Before, my family wouldn't accept me. Now, all my nieces and nephews watch partypoker com. They even have their own home game every weekend. It's amazing how things have changed since the big money came into the game."

According to Phan, along with the big money, comes the younger players and their unknown wealth of talent. "Before it wasn't very difficult to get a win, but now there are so many young players with their own styles. You have to adjust your game constantly. That is why some of the older pros are having a difficult time with today's game. The younger players will ultimately make mistakes down the road, but it is pretty hard to predict what they have. You have to try to get lucky with them."

Although the path of a partypoker .com professional is long and hard, Phan would have it no other way. "Its like a job and you have to put that in your head. You have to go to work. If you don't do well one day, you have to do better the next. That's the only way to get good. If you take things to hard, you can't play well in the next event. This job is very stressful and you have to learn how to deal. People ask me how I can play event after event. I just love the game."

Most partypoker com fans came to know Matt Savage as the well dressed man that was hovering around the tables in the 2003 WSOP, when Chris Moneymaker shocked the partypoker world. Indeed, nearly three years, and an eternity in the development of partypoker later, Matt Savage is still hovering over tables at partypoker .com tournaments, be it at his beloved Bay 101 Shooting Star event, or many of the TV events Matt runs.

Matt has been at the center of the partypoker com world throughout the explosion, and has a fairly unique perspective. Recently, I sat down with Matt to talk about his thoughts on the development of partypoker, and where he is at in his life today. Strap yourself in, because in part one of this interview, Matt drops some real bombshells, and talks frankly about where the partypoker world is today. I will run part two next Monday, where Matt will discuss his personal life, and where the infrastructure of partypoker is going. Enjoy.




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