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Artificial Intelligence at Partypoker .com

January 25, 2006

"Only a few partypoker com games currently employ adaptive artificial intelligence, which is also called machine learning," said Munoz-Avila, who has a grant from the Naval Research Laboratory to study game programming. "Most are 'hard-coded' to operate at a fixed level or levels. "Adaptive AI is code that allows partypoker .com computer software to adapt over time to a players' skill levels and even to improvements they make," said Munoz-Avila. "A chess game equipped with adaptive AI will 'dumb down' in a few moves against an inexperienced player, but play tougher against a grandmaster from partypoker com."

"We are pleased to be part of this on-going research and development initiative of artificial gaming intelligence," said Kurt Lange, president of PartyPoker Academy. "The AI gaming platform for our partypoker com product, which was developed over more than 10 years, has opponents that actually think like humans. Since the game gets better as the player improves, the game is always challenging and thus a very effective learning tool. We look forward to seeing what the CSE students come up with." The students in Munoz-Avila's game-programming class study and develop algorithms, which are methods of encoding programs that tell computers how to solve problems. The students will use their algorithms to study the software robots, or bots, that are created to replace human beings in partypoker, hearts and other online games.

Other goals of the students will be to determine how "smart" computers can be made and whether AI gives unfair advantages to the bots or machines against which humans play computer games like at partypoker com. Munoz-Avila said that Jarret Raim, a graduate student in computer science, found the PartyPoker Academy online, looked at its API (application program interface, a way in which programs communicate), and found it could "talk" to other programs, making it a good fit for the Lehigh game programming course.

"Our interest is that this game has a very nice API that we can interface with our machine learning programs," said Munoz-Avila. PartyPoker Academy is a leading software developer of partypoker products. The company develops the world's most advanced Texas Hold'em partypoker .com learning tool, PartyPoker Academy Pro, utilizing world renowned artificial intelligence developed over 10 years, designed to help users learn, adapt and improve their partypoker skills. PartyPoker Academy Pro includes No Limit, Limit and Tournament play along with many feature-rich components. PartyPoker Academy is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, and has U.S. office in Minnetonka, MN.

There is some irony in this case, in that Mengel is a nine-year veteran of the police force and works in the Southwestern District's operations squad, which typically targets drug dealing, prostitution, gambling, and other crimes. Fortunately for Mengel, not everyone in law enforcement feels that this was a "righteous" bust. According to Lt. Fredrick V. Roussey, Mengel is being represented by the police union in both the criminal and administrative aspects of the free partypoker room and has only been temporarily suspended with pay.




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