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February 2, 2006

Experts say partypoker com's popularity is the result of a trend toward greater table acceptance of gambling in the USA – from horse racing in the 1930s to bingo, lotteries, riverboats, Indian casinos and now online at partypoker com. Toy stores now sell partypoker .com sets, and public colleges offer courses and even majors on gambling, casinos, and partypoker.

"Partypoker gambling has become a more mainstream activity," says Dan Romer, director of the Annenberg survey. He calls it a "worrisome" trend. "Younger people are more prone to addiction than older people. Some kids who play will get hooked." The survey found that 54.5% of young people who gambled online at partypoker comweekly reported at least one problem, including overspending or social withdrawal. It says card players reported more problems than other gamblers. Of those who gambled at least once a month, 10% said they owe people money as a result.

This month in Allentown, Pa., Lehigh University student Greg Hogan robbed a bank poker table to pay off a $5,000 poker debt incurred through online partypoker com, according to his attorney, John Waldron. Hogan, 19, appears an unlikely bandit. President of his sophomore class and son of a Baptist minister, he also played second-chair cello in the university orchestra and worked in the chaplain's office playing partypoker.

But Waldron says Hogan got addicted to in college and started borrowing money. "It just got him in the hole. It overwhelmed him," Waldron says. "He made a decision that just wasn't him." "We're seeing a lot of good kids with gambling problems," Looney says. He estimates that 5% of partypoker com gamblers develop serious problems.




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