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Huge Bonus at Partypoker .com

February 10, 2006

Waters said that in addition to treating the players well, the Partypoker Com Round-Up benefits the entire community, not just the resort. This time, the Partypoker Round-Up is including prizes of small gifts donated by local merchants and $1,200 in Chamber bucks. Online players can also enjoy a huge deposit bonus at partypoker .com of area attractions, including Tamastslikt Cultural Institute, Pendleton Underground and Pendleton Woolen Mills. "It's not just about how much money [is made]," Raymond said. "Right now, partypoker com has positioned itself as a real PR generator. The whole world is interested in partypoker .com and they want to do something relating to partypoker tournaments.

Since Wildhorse began there have been many tournaments at similar size resorts joining the bonus craze, and Waters said he works hard to make sure this poker tournament is one the pros don't want to miss. Everyone knows that partypoker com is the latest "Hollywood" celebrity fad. What people don't realize is that these star converts to the game are falling in love with the game in the same manner as everyone else. The latest preacher at the partypoker pulpit is Charlie's Angels star, Cameron Diaz.

According to a feature, Diaz credits talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres with giving her this new outlook on partypoker com and more importantly, a new creative outlet for the already successful actress. According to Diaz, Degeneres introduced both her and her boyfriend Justin Timberlake to the online poker game and the rest is history. "I remember the fateful night (DeGeneres introduced me to the game) as well. I remember the phone call: 'Come on over and play Texas hold'Em.' I said, 'I don't know how to play Texas Hold'Em.' She was like, 'None of us do, come on over.'"

Apparently that game was the genesis of Diaz's inner partypoker com monster. "I took everyone's money that night." Now she seeks games all of the time. "I'm addicted to it. I do like the casino a bit. I find myself at a casino every once in a while just walking through going, 'What am I doing here?' That's so desperate - I'm in Tunica, Mississippi (at casinos)." Diaz has shown some aptitude for the online poker game, scoring a second-place finish in a recent partypoker .com re-buy event. Despite still being a novice, Diaz recognizes she has a flare for the game. "I took second (place), but I actually won because I never bought back into the tournament. The guy who beat me bought back in like five times."

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