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Post-Flop Calling Partypoker .com

March 1, 2006

There seems to be a surprising amount of post-flop calling at partypoker .com going on at these higher stakes online poker tables suggesting players are reluctant to give up their hands. This is probably because the pre-flop betting is aggressive and players are committed early and do not give their partypoker opponents credit for good hands. The practice is to build the pot pre-flop so folding is considered a waste of money and the giving up of a potentially large pot. Raising and aggression are far more prevalent but to be a constant winner as this French player seems to be suggests his opponents are making errors. The nature of the aggressive play at higher stakes means the variation at these games is huge. The swings in stack size are huge so you should play these levels only when you have a deep partypoker bankroll that will sustain a long run of bust-outs.

This is in contrast to the tight pay at a full table at low stakes where the majority of players tend to be passive pre-flop but will call off their entire partypoker stack chasing a nut low draw. When you have a potential scooping hand, you know there is a high chance someone will call off their chips to keep you honest. Finally, she made her move. As the big blind in PartyPoker's No Limit Texas Hold 'Em contest, forced to be in the pot, she went all-in with a pair of eights. Her entire stack of $1,350 in tournament chips went into the kitty. The cards were turned face up, and the partypoker dealer turned over five community cards. Cuneo's low pair held up, and she doubled her stack.

"I had no choice," Cuneo said. In a fast-paced tournament like this one, "you either get chips now, or you don't have anything to play with later." Then she discussed the play with her opponents – something she would normally never think of doing, at least not in so much detail. But this was not a regular partypoker tournament. Cuneo was one of 60 students in World Poker Tour Poker Boot Camp, held over the weekend at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. The students paid $1,500 each for an intensive two-day course where they learned from experts how to improve their tournament play. Saturday's contest, with instructors helping students as needed, was part of the learning experience.

Cuneo's gutsy move eventually paid off by calling post-flop at partypoker com. She won the tournament for her table, but she got only a WPT shirt as a prize. "This one's for nothing, and I'm getting all the cards," Cuneo said when it was over. "It's fun to win, but it's frustrating." Cuneo has been playing poker for 10 years, in Atlantic City casinos and online at partypoker com. She started playing in tournaments about a year and a half ago, and made several final tables but won only one contest, she said. She enrolled in the boot camp to improve her game. "There are a couple of things I've definitely taken away from it," and she'll recoup her tuition fee if she wins even one tournament, she said. Ron Rubens, co-founder of the Poker Boot Camp, said he started the venture about a year and a half ago. He played poker on the side while running an information-technology boot camp, and decided to merge his hobby with his partypoker business.




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