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Partypoker Updates - June 24, 2006

Omaha and Stud, the Forgotten Games

No crevice, nook, or angle has been left un-analyzed when it comes to online partypoker. So when you bring up the influence television has on poker, one cannot ignore televisions impact on the game of holdum. There are people in this world that don't know how to play anything but Texas Holdum. For some, the hand rankings were introduced the same time the rules of Texas Holdum were introduced.

Some partypoker circumstances have risen as 'typical' bluffing situations. They can be used to your advantage, but veteran players may recognize the play and use it against you. Typical bluffs include: Sitting in late position pre-flop. Everyone folds before you. You then bet big, knowing that there are only two online partypoker players competing against you and that they didn't bet because they liked their hand. They bet because they had to. The players may interpret your big bet as a sign of strength and simply fold. You will have "stolen the blinds". Betting big from last position after everyone else has checked.

You can interpret their checks as a lack of confidence in their party poker cards. They may interpret your bet as a strong hand and fold. Bluffing is an art, and it spices up the game of poker. Make bluffing a part of your arsenal, but not your only weapon at the poker table.

Bluff when the board says "someone" might have made a good partypoker hand. An example is when the third of a suit hits the board. "Someone" might have a flush. If you bet as if you have the flush, the other partypoker players may believe you do. Bluff against good or tight players. If you are in a pot with a player that looks for a reason to fold, give them one. Try betting big and making them think you have something they cannot beat.


Bluffing is something that is done between partypoker players, so the more you know your opponent's party poker habits the better. If a player is a 'calling station' and always calls the bet so they can get to the next card or see the showdown, don't bother trying to bluff them. If players have caught you bluffing recently, they will remember it. If you try to bluff again too soon do not be surprised if someone calls you, just to 'keep you honest'. Of course this can be used to your advantage. If you find yourself with good cards right after being caught bluffing, you are more likely to have players call your bets, rewarding you with a bigger pot.

Bluff bad players. Bad players don't necessarily know when they are beaten. So even though you may present yourself as having the stronger partypoker hand, they simply may not notice or may not care. Don't expect bluffs to work in low limit online partypoker. If the cost to see your cards is not significant, why should your bet (or raise) keep anyone from paying to see them? Try to bluff many players. You may fool some of them, but if you don't fool everyone you are in trouble.

The best advice I can ever give you is don't over extend yourself. Play well, and when you have more than enough to move up, move up. By playing only partypoker games that are within your limits, you give yourself a much better chance of being a winning partypoker player. Next week I will look into strategies that will make you a consistent winner at low stakes Sit and Go Tournaments.


That is a good amount of money for anyone, let alone someone who has yet to finish college. Don't expect things to develop over night, because then you will be setting yourself up to fail. However if you are patient and build your party poker bankroll consistently, it will allow you to gradually move of up in stakes and increase your earnings just as I did. Remember that almost nobody wins huge amounts of money when they begin playing. PartyPoker guru Howard Lederer admits it actually took him two years to beat the low limit games before he could move up.

These partypoker guidelines are pretty conservative. However you will learn quickly that is always better to be conservative when dealing with your bankroll, because once it is lost it's gone forever. I have only made 1 deposit at Party Poker and I never intend to have to make another one. Remember to always be patient; Rome wasn't built in a day. When I started playing online poker, I was thrilled to grind out $10/ hour, which was what I was pulling down bussing tables at my job. I had some frustrating experiences, but within 5 months I was making over $100/ hour playing online poker.

I was lucky enough to quit playing the 2-4 limit and return to my low stakes Sit and Partypoker Tournaments before any serious harm was done, but many people are not this lucky. I was talking to my friend the other day who attends Colorado University. He was venting about how he could not win consistently playing 1-2 limit on Party Poker. When I asked him what his bankroll was, he told me it was $200. I told him what I will tell anyone who is under funded to play at the limits they are playing at; you need to find a way to build your bankroll before you play there. Obviously this is easier said than done, so let's go over how a partypoker bankroll should be built.


I remember a while back when I began playing partypoker online, I only had a $200 bankroll to begin with. If I lost it, I decided that I would not give online partypoker a shot again for a year. I had worked my bankroll up to around $390 after a week of playing low stakes sit and go tournaments, and I decided to play some 2-4 limit Holdum.

I figured the amount of money I had was sufficient to play at these stakes. After dropping $100 in an hour, I was thinking differently. For limit holdum, a sufficient partypoker bankroll is at least 300 Big Bets. (A Big Bet is the amount of money wagered on fourth and fifth street when the betting limits double. So for 2-4 holdum, you should have a MINIMUM bankroll of $1200.) After having some of the experiences that I have had, I would advocate actually have 500 Big Bets at your disposal so you never have to worry during your bad days.



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